Monday, 8 February 2016

Fieldstone Palette

Hi friends,
Just thought I would share a few pretty photos with you.
the photo above is the fieldstone basement
of the house we are hoping to purchase soon.
(still working on it-there is a tenant involved yet-so it's all moving at a snails pace for me right now)
I am very frustrated living here in our temporary rental home.
I can't do a thing in it.
A lot of my décor is packed in boxes.
We moved from a 3 story home to a 2 story
which has not been fun at all!!
A whole extra floors worth of stuff has been packed in boxes and surrounding us!
I suspect I will soon be contacted by the producers of the show HOARDERS!


Well, it's not THAT BAD! Maybe I'm just going a tad bit crazy with the whole ordeal?!
Leaving our home and farm was very hard for us and we are still trying to get a sense of normalcy.

I have found that staging a room is like cheap 'therapy' for me.
I've been doing it for a few years now, heck I've been doing it for MANY YEARS really!  

As long as I can do it a little staging it helps me somehow? HEY! I know I'm not the only one out there that feels that way!

Even amongst all this clutter,
I recently managed to stage a couple things for photos.

This photo was taken during the actual move.
I thought it was a pretty pile of my bedroom stuff.
One thing I noticed was that as a lot of my belongings were being piled into the rental I got to see them in a new light. The different surroundings really made me appreciate them. 
It was as if I noticed them again. 
As part of my 'therapy' I am also collecting new items
that I find fit my farmhouse style.
Aged raw wood & antique linens for sure! 
I have created a 'Fieldstone Palette' on pinterest where I am pinning a lot of the colour tones that I feel are similar to the colours from the stones in the basement wall. They are the muted colours I would love to add to the home if we get it!
You can check out the pinterest board HERE
Isn't this pretty? Farmhouse whites and raw wood. Simple.
This is a huge French antique linen sheet with the the initials for me and the hubs. I think it's so pretty. I love that it has aged over the years and somehow made it's way to me. I am always so thankful for every OLD item I get. I always wonder what it's story is and who made it and used it. In one of the photos above (with cube of French soap in tub) there are 2 more antique linen sheets. I admire all the work that went into making them. They were all hand made. Each side is handmade on a narrow loom and the two pieces very carefully hand stitched together.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, while we figure out our future!
I have all fingers and toes crossed that we will be able to purchase this house so very soon!
It would be so fantastic for our whole family!
Believe me! You would start to see some staging going on!! ;)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Brick Beauty

Many of you probably know by now we recently sold our farm and will be moving to a temporary rental.
The plan was to rent while searching for a suitable place to purchase.
I had a list of must-haves.
First off it had to fit our large family. (In our area there are not many 6 bedroom homes)
It had to be a SLIGHT FIXER UPPER so I could make things the way we want. (the way I want)
It had to be a country or very private property and I hoped it would be a farmhouse. (of course!)
It had to be in our area so the kids wouldn't have to change schools.
And most importantly (to me) it had to have CHARACTER!!!

So I have admired this old house for a long time, it's just a few minutes away but never thought it would even be possible. It was not listed for sale but I decided to approach the owner. And I was pleasantly surprised at the response! It is currently part of a large farm parcel so there is a lot that would have to 'work out' for it to even happen but we are trying to work towards it.

I think this 1856 'RUSTIC FARMHOUSE' certainly has all that was on my list AND MORE!

Only thing is its a HUGE FIXER UPPER!!! not the slight one I was hoping for!

(and I am going to check records on the 1856 date to make sure!)
This place is definitely big enough for us!

It has enough rooms to convert to make 6 bedrooms!

-4 bedrooms in the upper main part of the home
-a sitting room with an old fireplace on main floor can be made into a master bedroom
-the 'servants quarters' at back of house can be a bedroom for our oldest
-2 large closets that are side by side on upper floor can be converted to a bath/laundry combo that they can ALL access
 even my eldest coming from the other side in the servants quarters
-1 main floor bath (with laundry)
-old 'saddle room' or 'tack room' off the 'carriage house' to be made into a main entrance
 (unless we rebuild the existing mudroom)
 -living room
-kitchen/dining (with future walkout to field stone patio
-'butlers pantry'
-old 'carriage house' to be made into 2 other rooms for recreation and storage
OR my husband said we could add double doors like they would have once had for an entrance and make it a shop for me
this house is in an AWESOME location for a shop!!
definitely gets lots of traffic!

I will surely be blogging about the renovation process if we purchase!!
and you can bet your butt that once renovations are done I will be contacting the photographer/editor to try for another magazine feature!

There is A LOT that goes into fixing an old home and I am blown away by all that I have learned so far.
I have been making way too many phone calls, emails
I have a lot of people giving me advice through their own experience.
There is a lot of pros but also a lot of cons!!
I've had lengthy conversations with inspectors and historians.
We would like to keep the ORIGINAL WOOD WINDOWS AND DOORS but have them repaired.
It's a historic house with much of it's original details in tact which is awesome!
All these ideas are flashing before my eyes!!!
did I mention it has SERVANTS QUARTERS AND A BUTLERS PANTRY!!??!! :)
Even the vines are beautiful!
I'm thinking a soapstone sink, brass faucets and a dishwasher for the butler's pantry alone!
maybe a 5 or 6 burner natural gas range in the kitchen?
a large island with another sink and dishwasher built in
built in wall fridge?
definitely a walk out from the kitchen onto a field stone patio with pergola so we can sit or use the natural gas bbq!!
Original white painted wainscoting on the 'kitchen' walls above.
(sorry there is a messy tenant living there at moment so no fancy pics)
 All the wood work in this home is A-MAZ-ING!!!! a great balance of both painted and wood trim and doors. I most recently brought in the curator for Dundurn Castle in Hamilton and he was WOWED to say the least! He just LOVED the woodwork and original details. The main hallway has original wood it has never been painted which I would leave that way because there is so much white painted trim and doors throughout already....but then again maybe painting the risers and the side trim might be ok??? hmmm decisions decisions!

 YIKES! I think this area needs my touch!! this 'fireplace' would be in the master bedroom!
the bricks need to be back to original!
 BEAUTIFUL old doors throughout and those door knobs!!!! this is the basement door.
 THESE STAIRS!!?!?!?!! and the wide boards are painted burgundy here. good thing about paint!
 THESE FLOORS!! WOOD THROUGHOUT! anywhere between 4-8 inch boards.
the only floor we didn't see was the large room that would be a kitchen/dining it has carpeting but I was told it has the same flooring as the rest of the house-wonder if it's painted like everywhere else or what?? hmm??
This home would be like a 'Terry John Woods home meets Melanie's Rustic Farmhouse'
And is there is actually a skeleton key STILL IN THIS DOOR??!!  WOW!

does your brain ever run waaayy ahead of you???
and you know how it is-you get on PINTEREST and start pinning your ideas!!

original peg rail in upstairs hallway
the carriage house

the beautiful fieldstone foundation
for the age of the house it has a great dry basement
fairly high ceiling that you can stand straight up in and poured cement floor as well!
an upper bedroom floor

It would be quite the adventure wouldnt you say?

What do you think of this "RUSTIC FARMHOUSE"????

Monday, 30 November 2015

This Green Hutch & We're MOVING!

We recently sold our farm.
I am completely overwhelmed with it all.
I feel good, I feel bad.
I am excited, I am sad. 

We will rent a local 5 bedroom farmhouse until the right place comes along to purchase.
It is much smaller than this place and we are going to have to put a lot of things in storage or why not just SELL?
I'm not going to feel settled until we can actually purchase and have MY OWN HOME again.
That part is going to be VERY hard for me!
I have dreams of what this right place might look like and what I am going to do with it.
I get excited thinking about designing a new kitchen! It's the kitchen that I care about most.
Probably because it seems I spend most of my time there preparing food or washing dishes given we are a family of 7!

I recently posted on facebook and instagram about selling this fabulous green hutch.
I havent really even thought it through!
the hubs told me to keep it!

YET as usual I have an overwhelming need to change things
and since I have had the opportunity to LOVE this hutch while it's been here
I also think about having the opportunity to LOVE something different in the future.
It's ironic that Miss Mustard Seed made a recent blog post about designing her future freestanding kitchen!
her plans are so similar to MINE!
I love the idea of a freestanding kitchen and my mind has been going crazy lately about it and I've been searching pinterest for ideas CONSTANTLY! cuz well, you know how we all love pinterest! 
What's even more ironic is that she included THIS GREEN HUTCH in her post!??!
So I have to ask myself DO I REALLY WANT TO SELL THIS??
Should this piece be a part of my own freestanding kitchen!?
You can read her fabulous post HERE

So anyways, big changes coming our way peeps!
Please hang in there with me during this very emotional time
I really hope to purchase and get settled into our own new place as soon as possible!
Thanks for all the support so far!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Christmas Stockings FOR SALE!

 Hey friends! I have a few Christmas stockings for sale!

 red striped grain sack stockings
 grain sack stockings-rustic, grubby blue stripes and ticking details


Stockings are priced from $25-$35. Canadian ($18.84-$26.38 U.S. funds)

If you are interested in purchasing any of these stockings email
I also have some listed on my etsy shop here
Or I can send you a direct paypal invoice.
Thanks very much!! ~Mel

Monday, 14 September 2015

Sew many projects!

 Hey Peeps! Thought I would check in. I've been sewing and creating like crazy!
Most of my pretties arent 100% complete before I start another project! I HAVE 'SEW' MANY PROJECTS ON THE GO!??

 I just LOVE this rugged 'rustic' bag I am creating here! I love it so much I will have to make a couple more very similar and of course keep one for myself!
 All these pretty purses have either buttons or snaps to add or straps to sew on
 or hems to do!
 many still need liners. I really need to focus on getting them FINISHED! I am also sewing Christmas tree ornaments and my lavender sachets. Trying to set up a small shop at home and deal with the every day of the fam and PHEW! its crazy! We still arent into the back to school groove and mornings are really hectic!
 I was LUCKY enough to go to the Christie's Antique & Vintage Show in Dundas, Ontario and bring home some of these amazing antique linens & grainsacks. A-MAZ-ING!
 These are so beautiful that I will be cutting the one up for my daughters bed. It is overly large and I will make a twin duvet cover and pillow slips but will have plenty more for projects!
4 out of the 7 grainsacks I purchased have pour spouts!
I created this beauty last night and now just need to find the right liner and straps!!

Thanks for stopping in!! Until next time! ~mel
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