Thursday, 8 May 2014

~Lavender Topiaries~

I was so happy to find these lavender topiaries at WALMART today!!
Even more excited to see they were only 7.88 each! plus 13% tax of course!
Well that's the price at the Walmart here in Canada anyways.
I missed getting any last year because they sold so FAST!
And I could see how fast they were flying off the skids today too!

                         I can tell you that these cats better stay away if they know what's good for them!
                                                  They like plants! They chew them up!
                                 I have a hard enough time keeping plants alive as it is! lol


  1. Hi Melanie - Wow! Are those gorgeous. I love how you displayed them, too. And your huge wooden cabinet is just fabulous. I know what you mean about cats and plants. Our four cats are pretty good about chewing plants but we have two visitors for awhile and one of them loves to eat plants. The plants keep going higher and higher and soon they will be hanging from the ceiling. haha! Your cats are so gorgeous. What are their names?

  2. These are the real thing? How lucky you are! I LOVE them. I'll cross my fingers kitties find something else. Any catmint around? Ha!


  3. The lavender looks wonderful in the galvinized buckets and the cats better not fool with them LOL

  4. I noticed a lavender topiary on a porch this afternoon while out walking with my dog & thought how gorgeous it looked! will have to head out to walmart to see if there are any left :-) they look amazing in the galvanized buckets.

  5. Hi Melanie, they are so nice... And your photos too... Alexandra

  6. Yours are as beautiful as mine. Bought mine at St.Jacobs.

  7. Hi Melanie! Is there any way that I can contact you via email? Thanks!

  8. Hi Melanie. I featured you today on my FB! Hugs, Diane

  9. Wow! I wish my WM here in Texas carried those. They look fabulous!

  10. I agree with Pamela!! I want them in California. I love the picture of the cats with the lavender!!! so cute!!! Melanie, you have a way of making things look happy and beautiful. I'm glad I found your site.


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